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Anna Miko Art

Whale Ocean Painting Oil & Mixed Media

Whale Ocean Painting Oil & Mixed Media

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  • Mixed media oil painting
  • 18” x 24” inches on mounted canvas. Canvas edges are less than 1"
  • This canvas is ready to hang. 
  • Framing optional and is not included.
  • Front of canvas will be signed by Artist. 
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"Where the World Makes Sense"

This enchanting painting invites you on an immersive journey beneath the waves, where freedom prevails.

The whale, a symbol of wisdom and introspection, glides through the water with a sense of purpose, reminding us of the beauty of embracing life's currents.

Sea flora sway in the current while hints of ethereal jellyfish drift in a dreamlike state.

This underwater vista, with its intricate details and dreamlike ambiance, envelops you in a profound tranquility. You can almost hear the soft murmur of the ocean, feel the caress of the water against your skin, and experience the serenity of weightlessness. 

The scene invites you to delve into the depths of your own thoughts and emotions.

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