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Anna Miko Art

"I Absorb" Virgo Painting

"I Absorb" Virgo Painting

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  • Mixed media oil painting
  • 20” x 20” x 1.5” inch gallery-wrapped canvas. 
  • This canvas is wired and ready to hang. 
  • Framing optional and is not included.
  • Front of canvas will be signed by Artist. 
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“I Absorb”

Step into a world where the magic of Virgo, the zodiac sign of both mystical and earthly wisdom, comes to life in this mesmerizing, early autumn, enchanted forest scene.

Watch the woman embody the purity and grace of the Virgo Maiden archetype as she's adorned in a white, lacey dress. Her hair gracefully braided with wheat plants – a poignant Virgo symbol of the rewards reaped from dedication and hard work. 

Although the Virgo is firmly planted in the earthly realm, absorbing the energy around her, inside her lies a deep well of unbounded intuition.  As she gazes into her tarot cards, she contemplates the mysteries of this world with intense focus.  The dark and mysterious pond further reflects the woman's presence, connecting her to the depths of Virgo.

Witness the essence of the Virgo archetype come alive, beckoning you to embrace the rewards of hard, earthly work while staying tuned into the unknown realms. 


I painted this series because I’m an astrology nerd, but also to really dive deep and explore each zodiac sign’s essence. I was never satisfied with just relating to my “Sun” sign (Aries!) and knew that there is so much more to me, to any person, than that one sign.

We are complex beings and possess each sign within us somewhere, but the timing and its flavor of expression is unique to us. This series is a journey around the zodiac wheel - but mostly a journey through the soul, exploration and self-discovery.

I hope these dreamy zodiacs help you reflect on your own unique soul essence.

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