Autumn is Upon Us

Autumn is Upon Us

I really love the autumn time - said everyone, I know. 

But there is something to the great fall craze besides all the wonderful fall girly things.  As soon as the air gets crispier, and the colors more muted, I start to feel so much. 

I start feeling things that I haven't all year.

It's like a whole new side of me that was dormant the last year is now open again.  I get to pick back up where I left off last, like with an old friend that you can always talk to no matter how much time has passed. 

The feeling is contentment, joy as the holidays arrive, lots of awe as the leaves turn, but also a sense of melancholy. 

But it's good melancholy.

Since the last few months were just go go go, and blazing hot sun, its nice to cool off and take a season to just be. In whatever it is you are feeling. 

I welcome this time to go deep within myself.

I get back to journaling, meditation, or morning yoga and really take time for myself. 

It's so important to feel all of our feelings.  If you generally struggle with this, autumn is the perfect time to try. 

New feelings can arise naturally that we might've been suppressing during the warmer months. 

Just as the leaves begin to turn around us and fall, we too naturally let go of thoughts or things in our lives that don't serve us anymore. 

If you feel overwhelmed or sad during this time, just remember that it's completely normal as you shed layers during this season. 

Just be gentle with yourself, and honor your time to reflect. 

It's not easy, and there are some feelings we might have to revisit year after year. But each time we learn something new and approach it with a new perspective. 

Once you've lingered in the moodiness of it all, remember that fall is also the season of so much cheer and celebration. and pumpkin spice! 

Although this year feels a little different. I used to love going to pumpkin patches, dressed in my fall sweaters. But this year I’m finding myself wanting to avoid crowds.

I’m still so excited for all the flavors and colors of autumn though, just more in a quiet way. 

I love crispy mornings bundled up with my chai pumpkin spice.  Or foggy walks in nature.

Since I love autumn so much, this year I launched a small "Witchy Whispers" collection - for those of us who love both warm autumn things and moody witchy things. 

I'm truly so happy on a foggy morning walk, wearing a thick, soft sweater, drinking some spiced drink. 

Then cuddling up with my cat in a warm blanket.

It's such a simple joy and pleasure of life, that I come back to year after year. I feel myself coming alive this time of year. 

If that sounds like you too, then you should check out the collection. (and we should be friends)

Lean into the autumn enchantment! 


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